Happiness Vegetarian Restaurant

Our restaurant serves all kinds of vegetarian and vegan dishes, and free of eggs and garlic, or MSG. So, if you are vegetarian or vegan, you can rest assured. Our dishes include Nepali, Chinese and Continental cuisines. Specialities such as Chinese sweet and sour dishes, spicy Sichuan dishes and others shall meet your unique taste.


If you’re tired of shopping and would like to take a break, you are welcome to sit by the window with a grand view of the stupa, while sharing a pot of tea or try our specialty drinks, with a few friends, for a delightful afternoon.


balcony view
Our restaurant also offers meals for monks and other people who are in need. If you’re willing to offer the monks or people in need with your dedication of love, while you dine, you can purchase a meal card as a karma knot. Make a gift of roses, hands stay lingering fragrance. We promise that each of your love offerings will be used for people who really need help.