Happiness Guest House at Green Valley

Compared with the lively stupa, Happiness Guest House at Green Valley is more quiet and secluded. After three to five minutes’ wall along a side street next to the stupa, in an alley at the end, you’ll see a green door with a few branches of flowers showing out — that is our inn. Push open the gate into the yard, you’ll feel two different worlds. There is no noise, only birds singing above the flowers. If you pay attention, you may also see birds drinking water from the pond in front of the door.

green valley

We have single rooms, double rooms, and suites for the residents who would like to cook or prepare your own food at your apartment.


Specially recommend the top floor with our small garden. There are flowers all year round and a comfortable swinging chair, from which you also can have a grand view the stupa. On a quiet night, sitting in a meditation, or chatting with fellow travelers softly, accompanied by breezes and moonlights, you may have a very pleasant evening.

near stupa